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Hi, I’m Lana!

I’m Lana a fertility survivor, dog mom, and guide to women looking to create meaningful lives without motherhood. I’ve created a guide just for women struggling with life after IVF.

Lana Manikowski posing with her dog CoCo in promotion of the guide to Loving your Life Again.

Discovering a meaningful life without children is possible. My techniques will teach you how. 

Do you question your meaning and wonder how you will ever learn to live an abundant life without children? 

You feel disappointed. You think your body didn’t do what it was supposed to and you are making that mean you are a failure as a woman. You question what life looks like when you aren’t a mother. As much as you want to think your life has meaning, you’re having trouble finding it. You think of your future and it seems cheated, unfulfilled and empty without children. 


 A fulfilled life without children is absolutely a possibility if you practice the techniques that I will teach you. 

Because I’ve been where you are.

It’s painful watching people who have kids seemingly live the life that was taken from you.

It’s painful  constantly wondering if you’ll ever be happy again. 

It’s painful believing you’re not good enough because you don’t have children. 

Spoiler Alert: Many of us without children still struggle with these thoughts; it’s how we respond to them that differentiates us. 

Discovering a life of meaning without children, requires a practice self awareness and deliberate thinking


Here’s what many of my clients feel before working with me…

They feel Alienated from friends and family who don’t understand what it’s like to be childless.

They’re feeling they are a Failure because they let down a spouse, partner or parents by not offering them a baby.

Many are Lacking in self-confidence because their bodies didn’t do what they are genetically “designed” to do.

Constantly feeling Envious of others who get to experience special occasions like baby showers, christenings, and first days of school.

Commonly feeling Judgmental of themselves because they don’t fit into mainstream society.

Often feeling Left out by peers with children because they don’t have motherhood in common.

Fearful of growing old without children to care for them.

My mission is to guide women with infertility struggling to believe they can discover a life of meaning.  

How would it feel to wake up with a purpose again? 

Wouldn’t you love to wake up KNOWING you love the life you live because it’s full of the love and support you crave? 

Wouldn’t you love to feel the freedom of no longer being triggered by well meaning relatives who ask when “you’re going to start popping out babies?” 

Wouldn’t you love to plot your own path with or without motherhood? 

I want to help you navigate a life of new meaning, one that YOU CREATE. 


Download the Guide to Loving Your Life Again

If you’re a woman who has struggled with infertility and you ready to… 

Think differently about living without children,

Create new traditions with your loved ones,

Discover the abundance available to you now,

This is the right place! 

Guide to Loving your Life Again is the workbook for women without children looking to discover a future they can love even without children.


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I’m Lana a fertility survivor, dog mom, and guide to women looking to create meaningful lives without motherhood.

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