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I’m Lana

I’m a wife and dog mom to the world’s cutest Mini Aussiedoodle, Coco.

My husband, Jack, and I married in our mid-30s and never questioned our ability to start a family.  One day a friend asked if I’d considered seeing a specialist and gave me the number of the Reproductive Endocrinologist she saw for her IVF treatments.  

From there, our infertility journey began.  

I used to think I was always going to feel lost, defeated by my body and lonely. I used to just put on a happy face and “get through” life.

I’m living a life that I work daily to embrace.  I’ve gone from being a spectator to an active participant in my life.  I do the work.  I see the results. I’ve discovered my life of meaning.  

Even without children.

The growth I have seen in myself, my outlook, my belief about me is profound. It inspired me to become a Certified Life Coach and create a community of women, like me, that confused failed IVF cycles with believing your life has little meaning.

I know what it’s like to feel lost.

I know what it’s like to feel out of control.

I know what it’s like to feel depressed.

The type of coaching I practice is causal coaching. Causal coaching shows you why you’re stuck, why you’re not happy, why you’re suffering…the root cause of why you are there, but yearn to be here.  I’ll teach you what tools you can use to do something about it.

Feeling better is possible.

Achieving goals is possible.

Connection, fulfilling relationships, confidence – you get me?

“As long as [we] think that the cause of [our] problem is ‘out there’ – as long as [we] think that anyone or anything is responsible for [our] suffering – the situation is hopeless.”

Discovering coaching has changed my life. I have been able to:

Believe I live a meaningful life.

Decide that failure is no longer scary.

Trust my body again.

Embrace the goodness I offer my husband, family and friends.

Discover what fulfills and fuels my soul.

Feel joy for my life.

Choose the thoughts and feelings I want to have about living a life without children.

You are capable of having all of that, too.

Sign up if you are ready to:

FIND yourself

BE yourself

LOVE and EMPOWER yourself

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I guide women who:

  • are high performers in their external life but feel lost because they don’t have children.
  • are searching for their meaning beyond motherhood.
  • have gone through fertility treatments but didn’t have a child.
  • believe they have the ability to create the future they desire.
  • thrive in community and want to grow with other women that live with passion and love for the new life they’ve discovered…without children.

I guide women that want to:

  • quiet their inner critic.
  • live a fuller life, but don’t know how to get there.
  • stop feeling ashamed because fertility treatments didn’t work for them.
  • stop associating their worth with motherhood.
  • trust their bodies again
  • believe their marriage/relationships offer the lasting companionship they desire.
  • quit buffering with external rewards: food, shopping, alcohol, social media, etc.
  • stop believing they did something wrong to deserve this.

My clients used to believe they:

  • were alone and misunderstood.
  • weren’t worthy of their grief because they didn’t try “all the options” …adoption, egg donor, surrogate.
  • were a failure because they could not get pregnant.
  • couldn’t trust their body because it didn’t do what it was biologically “designed” to do.
  • couldn’t genuinely feel self-confident.
  • should avoid emotions that feel uncomfortable.
  • feared aging and growing old in nursing homes with no one to care for them
  • judged themselves for feeling jealous of others that had success with IVF or friends that easily got pregnant and had kids. 
  • were pitied and seen as broken.
  • questioned their biological creation as female.

Why have coaching?

Working with a coach will help you manage your mind. You will start to become aware of your thoughts about you not having had a child after going through IVF. You will learn to identify those thoughts and determine how they serve you.

Through coaching you will be able to identify the beliefs you possess about living a life without children. You will become aware of how they are limiting you from discovering your meaning.

Through coaching you will discover your ability to question yourself about your beliefs and determine if they are true. You will be given tools to push your mind to a place that seeks more for you. You will be able to get curious and let yourself daydream about what you really want out of your life. you won’t hold yourself back from things that seem too “out of the box” or too unattainable for you.

Why coach with me?

 I have been in your shoes. I know the feeling of failure, disappointment and confusion you are experiencing. I know what it feels like to force yourself to appear brave and unscathed even though you are really lost inside.

I know how it feels to give up on yourself because you don’t know what you have to fight for. I became a certified Life Coach because I know that not having a child after IVF isn’t a sentence to a meaningless life.

I am the example of what is possible when you decide that you want differently for yourself and decide to start the abundant journey to discover your meaning. I will hold space for you to create a roadmap to wherever you are looking to go – at your pace. I don’t build “feel better fast” expectations of clients. The meaning you choose to create is discovered in the process. There will be days you are sad about being childless – that is something that will never go away; but working with me you will learn what you are making that mean about YOU as a woman. I will always lead you with compassion and teach you how to feel your feelings without self judgement. I will teach you how to recognize your thoughts and show your how they create your feelings; and from there influence the actions you are taking.

How is my coaching going to help you?

My coaching works if you choose to do the work and commit to yourself to show up with a sense of curiosity. If you follow my process, I will help you become aware of your current beliefs. You will become aware of the power you have to change beliefs that no longer serve you and learn to believe something new on purpose.

Lana is one of the kindest, most compassionate, and understanding individuals. In the midst of an extraordinarily challenging year, Lana has managed to flip my mindset upside down and retrain my brain – literally. She changed my perspective and challenged me to think differently. Each time I met with her, she put me at ease. I began to look forward to each session more and more. The biggest thing I took away from life coaching was changing my perspective and stopping certain thoughts before they even start. I noticed a change in myself, but others did, too. Lana helped me full circle; she coached me to find where I was struggling. Oftentimes we as humans want to change but we don’t quite know where to begin. When I worked with Lana she helped me identify areas for growth and we pinpointed situations in which I could utilize the training. I am so grateful to Lana for giving me my zest for life back. She is truly without a doubt one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. 

– Katherine; Atlanta, GA

I have been interviewing for a new job for more than a year but without much luck. I found myself landing the No. 2 or 3 ranking and with no job offer. After a few sessions with Lana, she helped me to shift my perspective about myself into believable, actionable declarative statements that helped me to navigate a path forward, and ultimately land my dream job.


Lana is compassionate, easy to connect with, and hearing her story gave me a lot of hope and power to come into my own. I’m incredibly grateful for the time spent and Lana’s easy to understand coaching that provided me with cosmic outcomes.

Sarah F., Philadelphia, PA