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Lana Manikowski is a guide to women without children struggling to create a life they love.
Lana Manikowski: Guide to Women without Children
Struggling to LOVE life after infertility? You’ve found your guide!

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The So Now What? Podcast is the show for anyone struggling to create a future they love after experiencing loss.

How do you move forward after losing something you love?

The So Now What? Podcast explores the discovery process of learning to love your life after the loss of a dream, goal, or vision. Join Lana weekly as she challenges you to rewire your thoughts about what your future could be even after loss.

Lana Manikowski practices casual coaching. a methodology based on the relationship between one’s beliefs, feelings and actions - Lana helps women rediscover their meaning and build a future they truly love.

Looking to connect to a community of women who have walked in your shoes?

The Stitch Coaching facebook group is a private community for women looking to grow past the lonely and confusing journey of life without children together.

Lana Manikowski advertising The Guide to Loving Your Life Again. This is the guide for women struggling to create a life they love after infertility.

It’s possible to love your life, even if you’re not a mother!

The guide to Loving your Life Again is a workbook that helps you rethink the way you feel about creating a future you actually love, even without children.

Lana Manikowski advertising the Guide to Meaningful Holidays. The guide is the resource for women struggling to love the holidays after infertility.

Struggle with the Holidays after infertility?

Download the Guide to Meaningful Holidays to start cherishing the holiday season again. This guide will walk you through the process of learning to have gratitude and enjoy this special time of year.

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