Guide to Loving Your Life Again

Is it possible to truly love life if you can’t be a mother?

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Lana Manikowski posing with her dog CoCo in promotion of the guide to loving your life again.

Ready to re-write this narrative, and change your outlook on life? 

Here’s a secret… It’s possible to enjoy life just as much or more than your friends with kids.

Hi, I’m Lana 

I’m a former Negative Nelly. Don’t worry – this is a safe space – you can admit that you’re currently one too. As a woman that has undergone multiple rounds of fertility treatments and didn’t become a mother; I learned to love myself and my life again. I want to show you how you can too. 

Does this Sound Familiar? 

You avoid going to places where children frequent knowing you’ll be triggered by the life you couldn’t have.

You get overwhelmed by the idea of showing up to another family function without a child and the barrage of questions of when you’ll have yours. 

You dread going out anywhere you’ll have to face the families with children. 

You yearn for a morning where you can wake up and hear the pitter patter of little feet.

You think you’re friends are focused on their children and feel isolated because you have none.

If you answered yes to some or all of these, then you’re in the right place. But this season doesn’t have to be like this

There is so much magic waiting for you. I can teach you how to discover it.

The hard truth is, that it’s YOUR THOUGHTS holding you back from having a FULFILLED LIFE not your lack of motherhood. 

Imagine if THIS could be your experience…

Joyfully celebrating special occasions with family, friends and their children.

Sharing your gifts with those in need.

Creating your own traditions with your loved ones.

A life focused on your abundance, not what you don’t have!

 Believing in the magic of life’s possibilities again. 

It’s possible for you. 

Introducing… “The Guide to Loving Your Life Again

The guide to loving your life again displayed on a coffee table.

The workbook for women without children that want to enjoy their lives again.

This is the same strategy I used to get out of my NEGATIVE mindset and start enjoying the opportunities that life had for me again. 

 I was lost. I struggled every day with feelings of emptiness. 

I decided it was time to change my thoughts.

When I started to think differently, my feelings changed.

Result #1: I created my own traditions without children.

Result #2: I started using my new found gifts to give back to others in need.

Result #3: I became more aware of and grateful for the moments and memories made with family and friends.

So if this strategy is so great, why don’t all women struggling with fertility practice it? 

The short answer is, they aren’t open to it. 

But if you’re willing to do something different here’s what you’ll receive from the workbook… 

A strategy that you can confidently apply in your daily routine. 

The ability to enjoy your life without children. 

Who This isn’t For 

  1. Women who don’t believe they’re worthy of their own self love.
  2. Women who are in a cycle of sadness they don’t want to break.
  3. Women who continue to participate in self sabotaging practices and expect different results.

Who This is For 

  1. Women who want to live their lives with meaning and intention.
  2. Women who believe in their ability to transform their lives through awareness in mindset.
  3. Women who want to live their lives on purpose.