The Other’s Day

The Event for Women who Feel like Others on Mother’s Day

Chicago, Illinois 

Saturday May 7, 2022

12-3 PM CST

Others Day

Presented By

Stitch Coaching - Infertility Life Coach


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You’re dreading Mother’s Day.

Here’s a secret… you’re not alone. 

There’s a silent, but large community of women who didn’t become mothers, lost their mothers, and generally don’t feel warm feeling about the occasion. 

They – like you – feel like an other because they don’t celebrate Mother’s day like everyone else. 

Wouldn’t you love to connect with these women and support one another on what can often feel like an isolating day? 

The Other’s Day Brunch was designed to create community with other women who relate to your story and want to reclaim the day together.

Here’s What to Expect at the Other’s Day Brunch

Table of brunch items

Brunch menu

exclusively designed for the event and provided by Lisa’s Boutique Catering

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from local Chicago businesses for the first 15 registrants including teeth cleaning and med spa services!

Others Day


The opportunity to grow with women who have walked in your shoes.


by Discovery Coach to Women without Children, Lana Manikowski. After 7 years of fertility treatments and a lifetime dreaming of motherhood, Lana Manikowski was presented with the realization that she could not have children. The years that followed were full of loneliness, self judgment and confusion about living a childless life. Lana yearned to connect to a community of infertile women to grow past this together. When she couldn’t find one, she created one with Stitch Coaching and The “So Now What?” Podcast. Lana is a Certified Coach with a specialty in “causal coaching” - a methodology based on the relationship between one’s beliefs, feelings and actions - Lana helps women rediscover their meaning and build a future they truly love. Since launching in 2021, Stitch Coaching has amassed a following of over 4500 women with inspiring messages about self love, discovery, and thought rewiring. Many listeners of The “So Now What?” Podcast praise Lana on her candor about the difficult path of loving life again after infertility. Lana discovered and loves the life she is building after not becoming a mom and is dedicated to helping other women do the same.

Tickets: $20 

Saturday May 7, 2022

Chicago, Illinois 

12 -3 PM CST

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