The So Now What Sisterhood

Lana Manikowski posing in a green shirt in promotion of The So Now What? Sisterhood

Wouldn’t you LOVE to join a COMMUNITY of Women who CREATE their MEANING, Even if it’s NOT Through MOTHERHOOD?

Enrollment is now open for a very limited time to The So Now What Sisterhood.

Ever wondered if you could live an abundant life without children? 

Everyone says to just focus on the “other things that are going right,” but you’ve tried that and you’re still in the same exact place, unhappy. 


 A fulfilled life without children is absolutely a possibility if you practice the techniques that I will teach you. 

Because I’ve been where you are

Lana Manikowski guiding women through her causal coaching inside the So Now What? sisterhood

About Me

I’m Lana Manikowski fertility survivor, dog mom, and coach to women looking to create meaningful lives without motherhood.

It’s painful watching people who have kids seemingly live the life that was taken from you.

It’s painful  constantly wondering if you’ll ever be happy again. 

It’s painful believing you’re not good enough because you don’t have children.

Spoiler Alert: Many of us without children still struggle with these thoughts.

There’s 3 things you need to succeed as a woman who lives a life of meaning without children. 

  1. Higher Awareness
  2. Gratitude
  3. A Community

How would it feel to wake up with a purpose again? 

Here’s what most of the members of (your group) struggled with before joining our community. 

Felt alienated from friends and family who don’t know what it’s like to be childless

Felt envious of others who got to experience special occasions like baby showers, christenings, and first days of school

Judged themselves because they didn’t fit into mainstream society

Felt left behind by their peers with children because they hadn’t had any

This community was created specifically for you. (Your Program) is the solution for women struggling with infertility and creating a life of meaning.  

Wouldn’t you love to wake up KNOWING you love the life you live because it’s full of the love and support you crave? 

Wouldn’t you love to feel the freedom of no longer being triggered by well meaning relatives who ask when “you’re going to start popping them out?” 

Wouldn’t you love to decide your own path with or without motherhood? 

I want to help you navigate a life of new meaning, one that YOU CREATE. 

Introducing… The So Now What Sisterhood 

Lana Manikowski coaching members of the So Now What? sisterhood.

The solution for women struggling with life without motherhood. 

This is the right place for women who are ready to…

Discover meaning in their lives right now! 

Throw away the lie that they aren’t worthy to be happy without children! 

Create a life of purpose with or without motherhood! 

If that’s you sister, you need to be a part of this support group.